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Publication Date: 16 Jan 2020
Publisher: IVP
Words: 50000
Page Count: 208
ISBN-13: 9781789740882, 9781789740899

Wrestling With My Thoughts

A Doctor with Severe Mental Illness Discovers Strength
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ISBN: 9781789740882
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She couldn't believe it. There she was with her medical qualifications sitting on the floor of a mental hospital. She'd been baptized, offered her life to God, wanted to serve him anywhere, but surely not this...

Sharon Hastings is absolutely passionate about helping people with 'severe and enduring mental illness' (SEMI): schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and schizoaffective disorder. She wants the church to know all about these illnesses: how they affect ordinary individuals and how they can be treated. By telling her story, warts and all, showing her own tortuous, painful journey, she equips us to come alongside loved ones, fellow church members, friends, understanding the social and spiritual ramifications of their illnesses, including them in our activities and encouraging their spiritual growth.

1 Surrender - crisis moment
2 Suffering
3 Focus
5 Identity
6 Healing
7 Peace
8 Hope
Appendix 1: Some 'do's' and 'don'ts'
Appendix 2 Schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and schizoaffective disorder
Appendix 3 Psychiatry and spiritual guidance: a biblical approach to the Mental Health Services

The author, a natural storyteller, is deeply passionate about reaching out to sufferers. With wisdom, kindness and the heart of a bruised survivor, she shares deeply, interweaving her story with vital teaching which cannot be ignored by anyone within the church today.
About the Author
Dr Sharon Hastings lives with her husband in Newcastle, Northern Ireland. She studies theology part-time at The Queen's University of Belfast, N Ireland. She is an ambassador for the charity MindWise
Press Reviews

Sharon Hastings' book is urgently needed, because it illuminates an area of human and Christian experience that is profoundly misunderstood in churches. Sharon is uniquely qualified to write it because of her own experience of mental illness, her medical education and her gifts as a writer.

- Gordon McConville, Professor of Old Testament Theology, University of Gloucestershire

Mental health, and mental illness, is one of the most frequently discussed topics in the church, and what Sharon writes, and the approach she uses, are very useful.

[Specific comments]

* There is a huge need for this book in the church

* Sharon is a brave author to say so much about herself

* The general tone is good. The author knows about psychiatry and psychiatrists and does not want to fight them, but work together

* The stories are superb - very vivid and make their point with precision

* This could be very helpful to the church. I would certainly want to use it

- Professor Andrew Sims

[Review promised]

- Dr Andrew Collins, Psychiatrist and BCUK

[article on Emma Scrivener's blog] The clarity and authority of this article are exceptional

- Pastor David Burke, mental health first-aid trainer

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