1. The Benefits of Leading a Bible Study

    The Benefits of Leading a Bible Study

    Participating in a Bible study group does wonderful things for you – spiritually, emotionally, and socially. It gives you an opportunity to discuss your beliefs with others in a non-judgmental environment, ask questions about what you’ve read and believe, engage more fully with your faith, scripture, church, and community. 

    A Bible study allows you to meet new people, form social and emotional connections, and to feel that you’re part of something bigger than yourself. 

    Leading a Bible study can open up this world even more. When you transition from attending a study to leading one, How To Lead a Lifebuilder Study can be an invaluable guide to creating, planning, evaluating, and maintaining an emotionally nourishing and intellectually stimulating Bible study. 

    When you lead a Bible study, you can deepen your feelings of connection to scripture and of service to others. Here are ways that leading a Bible study can help you emotionally and spiritually.

  2. Let's be a little less selfish

    Good books challenge the way we look at life. They give us new perspective that can lead to a shift in the way we think about ourselves and the people around us. We’ve all read books that make us consider and reconsider our lives and the people we want to be.

    Those are the books we can’t stop talking about. We discuss them over coffee, quote them at dinner parties, recommend them to everyone who asks what we’re reading or the books we’d recommend, write out the moving passages we want to remember, and read the books again and again in times of need. These books have a profound effect on our lives.

  3. The Borderlands of Life

    The Borderlands of Life Change takes us to unfamiliar places, but scripture gives us a way to navigate through such times. Read more...
  4. Less Isn't MORE>

    Less Isn't MORE>

    We engage with our faith. We love going to church. We pray every day.

    We’re busy. We’re always on our phones. We’re running off to yoga class. We’re working late. We’re commuting.

    We haven’t got as much time to engage with the Bible as we’d like. And yet, it’s still a vital part of our lives and our faith.

  5. Dying Well: How Do We Do It?

    Dying Well: How Do We Do It? There’s something we all face at some point in our lives, but always try to avoid. Read more...

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