1. L is for Lifestyle Blog for Random Acts of Kindness Day

    L is for Lifestyle Blog for Random Acts of Kindness Day

    For Random Acts of Kindness Day, I thought I’d share some tips from the new edition of my book L is for Lifestyle (out in June) on how we can make choices, big and small, to show KINDNESS to the earth, each other and ourselves...

  2. Four non-fiction gifts - International Book Giving Day

    Four non-fiction gifts - International Book Giving Day

    Today is International Book Giving Day. This is a special day dedicated to giving people access to books and the opportunity to read. Book lovers and enthusiasts join in on this annual occasion in every territory by giving the gift of books to others, especially to those who are shunned by having access to them, whether due to social exclusion, poverty or otherwise.

    Increasing in its popularity every year, people can reach out to others and help in a number of ways. This event is completely based out of volunteering, having people pay visits to their local libraries and council centres, making various donations to public and school libraries across their entire community in hopes of everyone having better access to books whatever their background or situation.

    In light of this, IVP has picked four books from its non-fiction list, particularly from the More series of books. These present the perfect opportunity to give the gift of books in anticipation of International Book Giving Day.

  3. Remembering Michael Green

    Remembering Michael Green

    Our author Michael Green passed away on 6 February 2019. 

  4. The Cost of Forgiveness

    The Cost of Forgiveness

    Douglas Connelly is the pastor of Davison Missionary Church in Davison, Michigan, USA. He has written twenty LifeBuilder study guides as well as books like The Bible for Blockheads and The Book of Revelation Made Clear. Here, for Time to Talk Day, he blogs about the importance of forgiveness.

  5. Mental Health and Youth Ministry

    Mental Health and Youth Ministry

    We recently ran a poll on Twitter about what you’d like to see more of on our blog. You chose faith and mental health. Who better to write about that than Tim Gough, youth minister and author of Rebooted? Plus, he’s one of the funniest and smartest contributors to our blog. 


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