Inspection copies

If you are interested in adopting one of our books for a course that you are teaching at an academic institution, then you are eligible to receive an inspection copy.

To order an inspection copy, please fill out the form below and one of our Sales Team will get in touch shortly.


Is my inspection copy free of charge?

Our inspection copies cost nothing to request, and are completely free of charge. One free inspection copy may be requested per course leader per unit/module. 


Which books can be requested?

You can request any book that you think is suitable for your teaching that isn't already on your reading list.

You can also use this form to request books from our US partner publishers are:

  • Baker Academic, 
  • Baker Books, 
  • Brazos Press, 
  • Crossway, 
  • InterVarsity Press (USA), 
  • St Vladimir’s Seminary Press.

Please note that books published by US partner publishers may take up to 8 weeks to deliver if we are not currently holding stock. In some cases, we may put you directly in touch with them in order to obtain the book.


Can I request an ebook as an inspection copy?

E-inspection copies are also available. Access will be granted for 40 days. If you would rather receive an e-inspection copy, then please specify this at the point of request.


Requesting from the USA?

Please make your requests to IVP USA.

Inspection Copy Request Form

Book Details

Please enter a valid ISBN. This is the 13 digit number starting 978.

University/Institution Details

Your Details

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Delivery Details

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Terms and Conditions

  • To qualify for an inspection copy, you must have at least 12 students participating in the unit/module and it must be delivered as part of a regular programme at an academic institution.
  • Inspection copies are free of charge but limited to one book per course leader per unit/module. 
  • Ebook inspection copies will be provided on a 40 day basis at the discretion of the publisher.
  • Where possible, paperback editions will be supplied.
  • SPCK reserve the right to refuse an inspection copy request.