1. A Chat with Philip Duce

    A Chat with Philip Duce

    On 31 October 1517, Martin Luther posted his ninety-five theses on the castle church door in Wittenberg. More than any other event, this is what set the Reformation in motion.

    More than five hundred years on, the Reformation still has important things to say.

    We chatted with editor Philip Duce about working on this remarkable book.

  2. Congratulations Chris Woznicki, IVP Early-Career Philosopher of Religion 2018!

    Congratulations Chris Woznicki, IVP Early-Career Philosopher of Religion 2018!

    Chris Woznicki is PhD Student in Systematic Theology at Fuller Theological Seminary. He received a MA in Theology (Biblical Studies) from Fuller Theological Seminary and a BA in Philosophy from UCLA. Prior to starting his PhD he served as a college minister; he currently serves with an evangelistic ministry to high school students called Young Life. He and his wife Amelia have a two-year-old daughter named Shiloh Grace.

  3. The Road to Journey with Me

    The Road to Journey with Me

    You can learn a lot about yourself as an author when you’ve published your first few books. Ideas for more spring up in unexpected places. Here, Catherine Campbell chats with us about her new book Journey With Me. 

  4. Youth Ministry that’s Genuinely Relevant without Faking It

    Youth Ministry that’s Genuinely Relevant without Faking It

    There’s a classic episode of The Simpsons where Ned Flanders, the show’s exorbitantly cheesy Christian stereotype, runs a Bible study in his home. The group has one teenager – an air-headed bully called Jimbo. In order to keep the study relevant to Jimbo, Ned keeps throwing in techy terms, ‘Now let us download the holy tweet of the Lord!’ When Jimbo begins to get bored and heads for the door, Ned yells desperately, ‘Mousepad! Double-click! Skype! Skype!’ Anything to give off the pseudo air of relevancy.

    Relevancy is one of those magic words that we youth workers love to throw into our strategy statements and mission plans! Relevancy is as relevancy does though. On the one hand, relevancy genuinely can help us connect with young people at a deeper and more meaningful level. It can create a bridge into their world and smooth the path of the Gospel into their lives. On the other hand – as Ned established – relevancy can also become simply a disjointed and awkward attempt to look trendy and fashionable without any real depth. What makes the difference

  5. Let's be a little less selfish

    Let's be a little less selfish

    Good books challenge the way we look at life. They give us new perspective that can lead to a shift in the way we think about ourselves and the people around us. We’ve all read books that make us consider and reconsider our lives and the people we want to be.

    Those are the books we can’t stop talking about. We discuss them over coffee, quote them at dinner parties, recommend them to everyone who asks what we’re reading or the books we’d recommend, write out the moving passages we want to remember, and read the books again and again in times of need. These books have a profound effect on our lives.


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