We don't need fake news. We need MORE Truth.

We don't need fake news. We need MORE Truth.

We asked IVP Commissioning Editor Elizabeth Neep about commissioning Kristi Mair’s upcoming book MORE > Truth. How do we trust ourselves and others in uncertain and difficult times?

1. Why was it important to commission More Truth

I think the topic of truth is a complicated one for today’s generation. Not that truth has ever been easy, but nowadays ultimate truth has been so misused (all you have to do is look to Brexit promises and Trump’s #fakenews) that it has been reduced to something closer to opinion. In the Bible, Jesus claims ‘to be The Way, The Truth and The Life’ but how can followers of his be confident in this truth and sharing it with a society that may be more skeptical than ever. Thankfully, Kristi’s message fills us with confidence that we can, and even more so highlights how culture’s apathy with receiving mistruths and half-truths actually reveals a deep desire for the real thing, Truth himself. 

2. What do you hope readers take from Kristi’s book? 

It is a short, sharp introduction into the world of post-truth, tracing the roots of Truth back to the Bible and throughout the ages. I hope readers will be informed, encouraged and equipped to share Truth to a world who really want to hear it. 

3. In a time when many people distrust the news, where do we turn to for truth? 

Personally, I think whether we believe something is the truth all comes down to trust – do we believe the person who is telling us? Jesus doesn’t just ask us to believe the ‘Truth’ blindly; he calls us into relationship with him and when we know him, we know he is the most trustworthy person we could put our faith in. 

4. How does your faith sustain you through difficult and uncertain experiences? 

It helps me see the bigger picture. God has been faithful in the past, always keeping his promises. We can trust him with our lives – even when it’s hard and things don’t make sense. 

5. How does your faith help you to have faith in other people?

Jesus calls us to love God, love others and love ourselves. I think part of loving others is looking for the best in them, for the parts of them that shine. The Bible tells us ‘generosity begets generosity’ and so recently I’ve been asking myself ‘what is the most generosity I can offer this person in how I think about them and treat them?’ That usually helps me put more faith in others.

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