Soul Food for Mums this Mother’s Day

Soul Food for Mums this Mother’s Day

Celebrating Mother’s Day can evoke wonderful memories and feelings from the past, as well as encourage us to take time to reflect on our relationships with our own children in the present.

Alexandra at IVP shared this beautiful story for Mother’s Day:

My Mum

In the past, she encouraged my dreams, mopped my tears when these didn’t all materialize, supported me financially when I was in need, metaphorically and physically picked me up when I needed a hand back on my feet again, and generally showed me that no-one needs to be a victim of their past and circumstance – she lost her mother when she was a very young child so never had any relationship to model her own mother-role upon. 

She is about to turn 80, and having recently recovered from a major health scare, during which time it seemed possible that she might not end up getting better, she has proved once again that you can’t keep a good woman down.  I’m proud to be able to identify mannerisms of hers both in myself and in my own young daughters, and hope that I can continue to provide a similarly nurturing environment for them as they mature into young women.

Thanks mum – Happy Mother’s Day for this year and all the rest we share.

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