Ruth van den Broek shares her thoughts on Catching Contentment by Liz Carter

Ruth van den Broek shares her thoughts on Catching Contentment by Liz Carter

Entering a brand New Year, many of us will be making aims, goals and resolutions for the months ahead. For many, January will mean fresh starts and new opportunities, but for some the pain and confusion of last year lingers on. Whether excited or daunted by what lies ahead, Liz Carter’s Catching Contentment brings hope. It certainly did for writer and blogger, Ruth van den Broek.

Like Liz Carter herself, Ruth lives with a chronic condition and finds strength, purpose, and hope in her relationship with Christ. This month, she shares with us her thoughts on Catching Contentment. We hope Liz’s message will inspire many others to enter 2019 with gratitude and hope . . .

“Combining a knack for storytelling with an obvious love of theology, Liz Carter has written an honest, searching, and wonderfully helpful book in Catching Contentment. Having lived with illness for a long time, Liz is an excellent guide to the difficulties and pitfalls which come with a challenging life and, having loved and served the Lord Jesus through it all, she is even better at directing our gaze to Him over and over. Liz writes with keen and profound observations, teaching us to find hope and speak truth to ourselves through our personal ‘dark nights’. She doesn't shy away from how it feels to be in the midst of disappointment or despair, but encourages us that God comes down into the most difficult of moments in our lives and brings His love to us.”

“This book is not just for those who suffer with illness, it's for anyone who has failed to be ‘content in all circumstances’, anyone who needs encouraging in their walk with God, and anyone who has experienced suffering in its various forms. In short, this is a book for everyone. I'm incredibly grateful that Liz has invited me as a reader into her story and her life, and I know I have been changed as a result.”

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