Four non-fiction gifts - International Book Giving Day

Four non-fiction gifts - International Book Giving Day

Today is International Book Giving Day. This is a special day dedicated to giving people access to books and the opportunity to read. Book lovers and enthusiasts join in on this annual occasion in every territory by giving the gift of books to others, especially to those who are shunned by having access to them, whether due to social exclusion, poverty or otherwise.

Increasing in its popularity every year, people can reach out to others and help in a number of ways. This event is completely based out of volunteering, having people pay visits to their local libraries and council centres, making various donations to public and school libraries across their entire community in hopes of everyone having better access to books whatever their background or situation.

In light of this, IVP has picked four books from its non-fiction list, particularly from the More series of books. These present the perfect opportunity to give the gift of books in anticipation of International Book Giving Day.

More Distinct by Calvin T. Samuel. From the principal of the London School of Theology comes a book that is packed with theories of holiness, what it means to be holy and its importance today. Presented in short, easy to read chapters, this book will be useful alongside your Bible to help make it easier to apply it to your lives more fully.

More Real by Jon Brown. This book gives the reader an opportunity to fully accept God’s love and promise He originally had set out for us. While Jesus has promised us ‘life and life to the full’, people still find it hard to apply this effectively in their lives. With bite-sized chapters designed for quick and easy reading, this will be a useful resource for those wanting to understand more clearly the undying love that God has for us.

More Truth by Kristi Mair. This title gives the reader the chance to seek a better, more whole truth in light of our ‘anything goes’ age that is prevalent today, an age that is characterised by a fast-paced life where it is extremely easy to forget what matters the most.

More Direction by Ruth and Ayo Afolabi. An inspiring and reassuring read, this book presents a fresh view in trusting God’s unique plan and purpose for us. Both authors present a foundation on how God intended us to live especially in today’s extremely hectic society.

All four books in this series equip the reader to live a more real, more truthful, and more distinct life with a better, clearer direction more aligned with the plan that God had made for us. So in preparation for International Book Giving Day, give the gift of God’s holy message in short, condensed chapters brimming with enlightenment and inspiration for you every day in extremely compact, short editions. All books in the series are written in a friendly and easily understandable style suited for everyone who want to have a deeper, more meaningful connection with God.

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