Finding A Better Story

Finding A Better Story

Who doesn’t love a good story? It’s what makes us keep reading, leaves us wanting to find out more about what happens next. Stories have the ability to capture people’s minds and hearts and enable them to make a change.

"Everybody loves a good story."

The sexual revolution equally provided an immersive and somewhat excitingly forbidden story. And this is what Glynn Harrison has strived to achieve in his book. Sex is often a taboo in Christian circles yet our modern entertainment industry portrays sex more visibly. How can we, as Christians, be more open about this? People are interested in finding out about other people’s struggles and successes in life. Compassion and empathy are just two of the many ingredients needed for good stories.

As followers of Christ, we have to undertake an alternative approach when addressing the sexual revolution as a result of the culture shift and change in sexual ethics that have taken place in society today. The subsequent cultural subversion provided by the entertainment industry has helped ease the acceptance within the church and Christians alike, precipitating the rise of radical individualism.

In the end, we always strive to tell a better story, and the story of God and His Good News is really and truly the only story worth knowing for continual human flourishing. Emotion is an integral part of the human experience. It is through these attention-grabbing and oxytocin-inducing stories that the change-makers of the sexual revolution have acquired success – “they condensed complex intellectual arguments into memorable bite-size messages, and then wove them together into great stories.”

Equally academic, balancing and trustworthy, this book is essential reading for all Christians looking to make sense of the New Testament morality within a contemporary aspect, breaking the silence over God’s gospel of sexuality.

A Better Story is available to buy now.

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