5 Questions for IVP US Editor Cindy Bunch

5 Questions for IVP US Editor Cindy Bunch

As associate publisher and director of editorial with InterVarsity Press, Cindy Bunch acquires and develops Bible studies, small group books, and the spiritual formation line of books. She has been leading small groups for the past twenty years and has written numerous Bible study guides, including several LifeGuide Bible Studies. Here, she chats about a particular one called Coming of the Saviour (published as Advent of the Savior in the US). 

1. Why was it important to you to write Coming of the Saviour?

The practice of Advent has been transformative for me. It's a way of thoughtfully preparing for the coming of Christ rather than rushing headlong into Christmas parties and gift buying.

2. Whose writing do you look to for inspiration?

I read mainly in the area of spiritual formation. I have been shaped by writers such as Kathleen Norris and Dallas Willard. I had the opportunity to study with Maya Angelou as a student and her writing has also been a great influence.

3. How has writing helped you to connect more deeply with your faith?

I try to journal a little bit each day just to take a moment to connect with what's going on inside. When I read Scripture, I like to rewrite key verses and phrases to remember and deepen the insights.

4. What is your favourite part of the Christmas story?

The role of Mary is very powerful and sometimes overlooked by Protestants. One of the sessions in the guide is devoted to her.

5. What do you look forward to most in 2019?

I live in the Chicago area where winter is long, gray, and cold, so I save my vacation time for winter getaways. This January we are going to Palm Springs, CA, which promises to be warm and sunny.