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Publication Date: 15 Jul 2011
Format: Paperback
Publisher: IVP
Page Count: 176
Author: Will van der Hart
ISBN-13: 9781844745432

The Worry Book

Finding A Path To Freedom
By Will van der Hart
ISBN: 9781844745432
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Statistically, life has never been safer. Yet worry has reached epidemic proportions. So what has gone wrong? Many Christians are suffering in silence, unsure if psychological solutions are appropriate for them, or if biblical teaching can lead them to freedom.
The Worry Book offers a fresh solution: seeing the process of worry as the problem, rather than getting stuck into individual concerns. We can use worry to create a sense of certainty and control, but the illusion is temporary, and we generate even more problems in the process. Here we learn about the factors behind worry, and how to disable the cycle of worry and tolerate uncertainty - principles we can apply to every situation.

This is a journeyman's guide through the comedy and heartache of discovering worry's function, and so removing its power. Good theology and psychology combine to offer new perspectives and real hope.

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