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Publication Date: 20 Jun 2008
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Apollos
Page Count: 320
ISBN-13: 9781844742882

Words and the Word

Explorations In Biblical Interpretation And Literary Theory
ISBN: 9781844742882
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It is generally recognized that scholarly study of the Bible has taken a 'literary turn' over the past two decades. The contributors to this volume are united in their belief that a proper understanding of different aspects of literary theory can make a significant contribution to biblical interpretation.
These informative and stimulating essays survey some general issues and a selection of specific approaches, filling a gap between simpler introductions and the primary texts of major theorists.
Literary theory is not the only conversation partner for biblical interpretation in our day, but this volume demonstrates that it is also an important one if we are to continue to hear and understand the living Word of God in the words of the Bible.
About the Author
David G. Firth is Director of Extension Studies at St John's College, Nottingham, England. He is the author of '1 & 2 Samuel' (Apollos Old Testament Commentary) and 'The Message of Esther', and co-editor of 'Interpreting the Psalms', 'Interpreting Isaiah' and 'Words and the Word'.

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