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Publication Date: 21 Apr 2016
Publisher: IVP
Page Count: 176
Author: Tim Chester
ISBN-13: 9781783594078, 9781783594566

Why the Reformation Still Matters

By Tim Chester
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ISBN: 9781783594078
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On 31 October 1517, Martin Luther posted his ninety-five theses on the castle church door in Wittenberg. More than any other event, this has the best claim to be the starting gun that set the Reformation in motion.

Five hundred years later, the Reformation still has important things to say. In this clear, incisive and accessible survey, Michael Reeves and Tim Chester show how the Reformation helps us answer questions like: How do we know what’s true? Can we truly know God? How does God speak? What’s wrong with us? How can we be saved? Who am I?

That many people today find the Reformation strange and remote exposes our preoccupation with this material world and this momentary life. If there is a world beyond this world, and a life beyond this life, then it doesn’t seem to matter very much to us.

At its heart, the Reformation was a dispute about how we know God and how we can be right with him. At stake was our eternal future – and it still is.
About the Author
Michael Reeves is President of Union School of Theology, Oxford. He was previously Senior Lecturer, Wales Evangelical School of Theology, Head of Theology for UCCF, and associate minister at All Souls Church, Langham Place, London. He holds a PhD in systematic theology from King’s College, London.
Tim Chester is a pastor with Grace Church, Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire, and a tutor with the Acts 29 Oak Hill Academy. He is the author or co-author of numerous books.
Press Reviews

This is … a lively and thought-provoking book, prompted by an evident enthusiasm for the liberating and transforming message of the Gospel and emphasising union and communion with God in Jesus Christ as the reality, goal and joy of the Christian life.

- Rev Dr Martin Wellings

The reader will find that the authors’ historical and biblical exposition benefits mind and heart tremendously. I enjoyed and benefited from this book … and I recommend it heartily.

- Robert Strivens

This book is an incredibly helpful offering by the authors, which will be of use to the following groups of people: those who find themselves doubting the use of the Reformation, those who find themselves having to defend the Reformation, those who are new to Reformed theology, and those exploring it.

- Michael Hayden

[We] heartily recommend the book if you are prepared to do a little work.

- British Church Newspaper

the standout book for the celebrations of the Reformation

- Evangelicals Now

a stimulating and encouraging study

- The Covenanter Witness

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