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Publication Date: 17 Nov 2000
Format: Paperback
Publisher: IVP
Page Count: 288
Author: Peter Hicks
ISBN-13: 9780851115382

What could I say?

A Handbook For Helpers
By Peter Hicks
ISBN: 9780851115382
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At your kitchen table your best friend, struggling to hold together a crumbling marriage, pours out her heart. At housegroup that evening the lonely widower, still grieving after more than a year, just wants to talk. Later your sister telephones, trying to come to terms with why she can't have children. You long to help, to bring words of comfort and healing. But where do you start: What should you say?
Peter Hicks believes that some sufferers, perhaps one in ten, need professional help. What the other nine need, so very badly, is the listening ear of a Christian friend. This is a book to help you be that listening, friend, giving: Bible passages to point to: principles for sharing Christ's love; explanations of specific conditions; strategies for coping and changing habits; guidance about when to involve expert help. Above all, this book will help you to learn, even in the hardest situations, what you could say.

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