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Publication Date: 19 Apr 2013
Publisher: IVP
Page Count: 192
Author: Graham Hooper|Philip Ryken
ISBN-13: 9781844746248, 9781844749140


Closing The Faith-Life Gap
By Graham Hooper, Philip Ryken
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ISBN: 9781844746248
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ISBN: 9781844749140
Let's be honest: there are gaps everywhere in life - the gap between who we are and who we would like to be; the gap between the Christianity we profess and the Christianity we practise; the gap between us and those we love; the gap between the world as it is and the world as it should be. We feel disconnected from God, from one another and from ourselves.
How do we close those gaps? How is God working to make us whole?
This book brings the gospel to bear on the gaps in our lives.
Drawing on a highly unusual lifetime's experience living out the Christian faith in more than twenty countries, Graham Hooper shows how we can be made whole in the struggles and joys of everyday life - work and relationships, success and failure, service and weakness.
About the Author
Graham is a senior executive with a global infrastructure company. Born in the UK, he began his career living in a tent in the Selous Game reserve in East Africa. He has gone on to work in some twenty countries, living for extended periods in Tanzania, Mauritius, Papua New Guinea, UAE, the UK and Australia. Midway through his career he studied theology at Trinity College, Bristol. He has served in a lay capacity in churches wherever his work has taken him. Graham is married with three children and eight grandchildren, but doesn't feel that old. He's currently working in the Middle East.
Press Reviews

Life-changing - this is essential reading. Not only will it refresh, challenge and inspire, but its message will transform our experience of everyday living as God's people, in God's world, in our generation

- David Jackman, former President of the Proclamation Trust

Graham Hooper reminds us that we are called to follow the Master who was unafraid of facing the reality of life all around him and was only too willing to connect with it fully. Jesus calls us to live in the same way. This book offers a vision of holy living and whole living

- Neil Hudson, Director, Imagine

This is an authentic exploration of the gap between the quality of the Christian discipleship we aspire to and the reality of how we actually live out our day to day Christian lives. Graham Hooper all at once confronts, challenges and encourages 21st century believers to 'keep on keeping on' in their walk no matter how far short of the standard they fall. Having read 'Undivided', the words, 'Mind the Gap' will never have the same meaning again!

- Jill Garrett, Director of Leadership and Employee Engagement at LT Consulting

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