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Publication Date: 15 Oct 2010
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Apollos
Page Count: 608
Author: Fred G Zaspel
ISBN-13: 9781844744824

The Theology of B B Warfield

A Systematic Survey
By Fred G Zaspel
ISBN: 9781844744824
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Benjamin Breckinridge Warfield (1851- 1921) was undoubtedly one of the greatest Reformed theologians in the history of America. As professor of didactic and polemic theology at Princeton University, he wrote extensively in defence of fundamental Christian doctrines. While his writing touched on the full spectrum of theological topics, it was spread over hundreds of periodicals, books and pamphlets, and a significant portion has never been published in an accessible form. Warfield stands as a dominant figure on the theological landscape, but few have a comprehensive grasp of his theology, largely because of the difficulty of tracing his ideas through numerous sources.
Fred G. Zaspel has spent many years studying Warfield’s published and unpublished writings, and presents them here in summary as a concise and coherent systematic theology. For the first time ever, readers can, in one volume, access the content of this great theologian’s academic, sermonic and devotional works. Scholars, pastors and students will profit from the unique combination of comprehensive detail and devotional warmth.
‘All who are the least interested in Warfield or who care in the least about vigorous Calvinist theology will find this a most valuable book.’
- Mark Noll
‘It will be of inestimable benefit to all students of this outstanding Reformed theologian. Well done!’
- Paul Helm
‘With great enthusiasm I highly recommend this volume …’
- Roger Nicole

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