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Publication Date: 15 Jun 2017
Publisher: IVP
Page Count: 160
Author: Freddie Pimm
ISBN-13: 9781783595174, 9781783595181

The Selfish Gospel

Be Transformed By Giving It All
By Freddie Pimm
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The Selfish Gospel

The gospel of Jesus – it’s the good news with the power to shape a nation. And yet, for many, the church seems to have lost its transformative edge.

But why?

Looking past the symptoms to the root cause, junior doctor Freddie Pimm suggests a diagnosis: we have made the Gospel selfish. Thankfully, however, Jesus freely prescribes the treatment . . .

Easy to relate to and full of biblical truth, The Selfish Gospel reminds us of the gospel’s greatest paradox: in order to save our lives, we must first lose them.

Against the grain of our ‘it’s all about me’ society, this refreshing book explains how it is only when we let the gospel cost us and change us that we see the power of transformation: within ourselves, throughout the church and across our generation.
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About the Author
Freddie Pimm is a twenty-something Junior Doctor working in West London. He attends St Albans Fulham where he preaches regularly and helps to lead students. Pimm is a regular speaker at Soul Survivor’s Summer Conferences and contributed to the Soul Survivor Youth Bible (2014).
Press Reviews

“Honest, challenging and encouraging” - Mike Pilavachi, Co-founder and leader of Soul Survivor

- Mike Pilavachi

‘There’s so much truth in Freddie’s encouragement that we will find real freedom by looking less at ourselves and more at God.’

- Ali Martin, Soul Survivor

The Selfish Gospel provides a challenging call to change the lens through which we view the gospel and to see it for what it is: a life-changing, all-consuming call to follow Jesus wherever he leads.’

- Andy Croft, Soul Survivor

some pages are a sheer delight

- Evangelicals Now

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