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Publication Date: 15 Nov 2007
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Apollos
Page Count: 240
Author: Victor H Matthews
ISBN-13: 9781844742257

Studying the Ancient Israelites

A Student'S Guide To Sources And Methods
By Victor H Matthews
ISBN: 9781844742257
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The Old Testament was not written in a vacuum. It was written by and to a specific people who lived within specific social, historical, political, and literary contexts not only of their own culture but also of the surrounding peoples. Clearly, an understanding of ancient Israel and the ancient Near East is essential for proper interpretation of the Bible.
Unfortunately, as readers seek this kind of understanding, they are confronted with a variety of competing opinions and methods regarding the culture, history, sociology, and geography of the biblical story. Does archaeology "prove" the Bible? Is the Bible history, and if so, what kind? How should the Old Testament be approached as literature? These and other questions are addressed in 'Studying the Ancient Israelites', which provides a guide to the tools, methods, and goals of the study of ancient Israel. The book also examines the insights that can be gained from geography, archaeology, literary study, sociology, and historiography as well as the limitations of each of these disciplines. Here is an excellent text for Old Testament study.
In 'Studying the Ancient Israelites', a seasoned professor uses accessible writing and an inviting page design to introduce students and serious readers to the foundations of our understanding of the people of the Old Testament.

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