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Publication Date: 19 Sep 2014
Publisher: IVP
Page Count: 160
Author: Martin Goldsmith
ISBN-13: 9781783591558, 9781783591572


Sharing The Gospel With Passion And Power
By Martin Goldsmith
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ISBN: 9781783591558
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We all love stories.
In a world where people are often hostile to the good news, telling stories is an ideal way to communicate the gospel warmly and winningly. Those who would never listen to a sermon or a gospel presentation are often enthralled by the same message told as a story.

Of course, that's just what Jesus did in his parables. Our Bibles are filled with stories that communicate deep truths in a moving and powerful way. But how can we, too, use the power of stories to get gospel truths across in fresh ways, and to teach biblical truth in memorable and life-changing ways?
Martin Goldsmith discovered early in his career as a missionary that stories were the most effective way of sharing the gospel - especially in places where evangelism was illegal. But, since then, he's discovered that they are also often the best way of sharing it with our neighbours in the West, who are suspicious of religious truth and hate being preached at.

Full of colourful stories from a lifetime of sharing the gospel, this book shows us how to do the same. The author demonstrates how the Bible teaches its theology through story, and how other faiths are shaped by their storytelling - giving us a deeper understanding of how we can reach others and teach real and significant truths in an enthralling way.

If we want to win hearers for the gospel in today's world, it is vital to become compelling and persuasive tellers of the gospel story once again.
About the Author
Martin Goldsmith is a Jewish Christian who trained as a Russian interpreter. He and his wife Elizabeth spent ten years as missionaries in South East Asia, and were involved from the start with All Nations Christian College, where they were both lecturers for over twenty years. Today they travel the world, lecturing and speaking at conferences.

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