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Publication Date: 19 Nov 2004
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Apollos
Author: C Marvin Pate|E Randolph Richards|Jr and Preben Vang|W Dennis Tucker
ISBN-13: 9781844740550

The Story of Israel

A Biblical Theology
By C Marvin Pate, E Randolph Richards, Jr and Preben Vang, W Dennis Tucker
ISBN: 9781844740550
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Among the several prominent themes in the Bible, the story of Israel is one that has attracted recent attention and study. The biblical story of Israel-in its election, sin, exile and restoration-is a finely articulated drama of the glory and the plight of the universal story of humanity and creation. And the story of Jesus, born from the womb of Israel as its messiah and true seed of Abraham, provides the redemptive solution to Israel's and the world's plight.
This book explores the unitive theme of the story of Israel from Genesis to Revelation. Probing each section of Scripture-from Pentateuch, psalms and prophets to gospels, epistles and apocalypse-the authors bring the contours of this story to light. From close-up examinations of key texts to panoramic shots of the biblical terrain, The Story of Israel unfolds an intriguing and compelling perspective on biblical theology. And with its features of recommended readings and study questions, it is a textbook suitable for classroom and individual study.

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