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Publication Date: 15 Nov 2013
Publisher: IVP
Page Count: 160
Author: Jonty Rhodes
ISBN-13: 9781783590124, 9781783590148

Raiding the Lost Ark

Recovering The Gospel Of The Covenant King
By Jonty Rhodes
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ISBN: 9781783590124
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The Bible is a story; the gospel is a message. But how does one lead to the other? Raiding the Lost Ark shows how covenants hold the key, and demonstrates how the gospel of salvation by grace alone grows naturally out of the story God tells.
At the centre of Israel's worship was the tabernacle. At the centre of the tabernacle was a box: the Ark of the Covenant. Within the box was a covenant.
Covenant dominates the Bible's story from start to finish, shaping the gospel, the church and the day-to-day experience of God's people.
But for many of us, covenant is a lost concept. Raiding the Lost Ark seeks to recover the great news of Jesus Christ as Covenant King, demonstrating the natural flow from the story God tells to the gospel of grace. Along the way, it addresses hot topics, such as baptism in the Spirit, predestination and water baptism, showing how they all fit together in one covenant story to bring God's people into fullness of life under the Covenant King.

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