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Publication Date: 19 Jan 2017
Series: New Studies in Biblical Theology
Publisher: Apollos
Page Count: 128
Author: Jonathan Griffiths
ISBN-13: 9781783594917, 9781783594924

Preaching in the New Testament

An Exegetical And Biblical-Theological Study
By Jonathan Griffiths
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ISBN: 9781783594917
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Part 1 addresses three foundational matters: a theology of the word of God; an overview of NT Greek terms related to preaching; the scope and character of NT word ministries. Part 2 concentrates on exegetical studies of sections of NT teaching that relate especially to the post-apostolic context. Part 3 summarizes the exegetical findings, sets them within the context of biblical theology, and addresses some broader theological implications.
About the Author
Lead Pastor of the Metropolitan Bible Church, Ottawa, Canada. Previously served as an instructor on the Cornhill Training Course at the Proclamation Trust, London. Editor of The Perfect Saviour (IVP). PhD University of Cambridge.
Press Reviews

Here is a careful, balanced, scholarly study of an important subject. The author is a New Testament scholar; but he is also a pastor with a warm heart for the health of the local church. Those who preach and those who train and equip preachers will be helped by working carefully through the lucid exegetical work presented here, and following it through to its theological and pastoral conclusions. I commend very warmly this perceptive contribution to the debates surrounding the subject.

- Christopher Ash. Pastor, author, and former Director of the Proclamation Trust's Cornhill Training Course

This is a really valuable biblical and theological study of ‘preaching’. In an age when we rightly re-think our style of ministry because we want to serve our contemporary church and contemporary world, we need to know what are the essentials of gospel ministry, what should be discarded, and what should be adopted. To resolve these questions, we must turn to the Bible. Jonathan Griffiths has served us well in this book, which helps us to clarify what the Bible teaches and requires, the exegetical and theological support for ‘preaching’, and also its key significance in God’s plan of salvation.

- Peter Adam. Vicar-Emeritus of St Jude’s Carlton and retired Principal of Ridley College, Melbourne, Australia

In contrast to a tendency in some circles to minimize preaching or the sermon for the life of the church, Jonathan Griffiths shows that dynamic, powerful preaching of the Word by those set apart for this ministry is vital for the flourishing of the people of God. He argues clearly and cogently from the text itself, providing a readable treatment of a neglected theme in biblical theology.

- Douglas J. Moo. Wessner Chair of Biblical Studies, Wheaton College; Chair, Committee on Bible Translation

I warmly welcome this fine exegetical study of the key biblical texts relating to preaching in the post apostolic age. Jonathan Griffiths argues, to my mind convincingly, that within the wider word ministry of the whole people of God, the New Testament assumes a unique and vital role for preaching and the preacher.

- Vaughan Roberts. Rector of St. Ebbe’s Oxford and President of the Proclamation Trust

This volume … addresses the need for a biblical theology of preaching by focusing on some foundational matters … before closely studying a handful of passages in Paul and in Hebrews. Considering how much preaching is done week by week around the world, it is good to have a study that requires us to reflect on what we are doing.

- D. A. Carson

Utterly biblical, thought-provoking . . . and very clearly and logically structured. Any preacher . . . can benefit from reading it.

- London Seminary

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