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Publication Date: 16 Apr 2010
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Apollos
Page Count: 320
Author: Maurice W Sinclair
ISBN-13: 9781844744251

Pathways of Wisdom

Human Philosophies And The Purpose Of God
By Maurice W Sinclair
ISBN: 9781844744251
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I am eager for your company on this journey,' writes Maurice Sinclair. 'Our aim is to discover what happens when the wisdom of man, as expressed in schools of philosophy down the ages, meets the wisdom of God, as revealed in Scripture. We want to find out if this interaction will be a perfect blending, or an uneasy truce, or a dramatic explosion!'
With freshness and insight, Sinclair surveys a panorama of earthly wisdoms across the full course of human history, and around the world, to the present day. He helps us to grasp some principal ideas from key philosophers, without the intricacies or abstractions, and with a minimum of technical language. Throughout, he keeps in mind wisdom 'from above', from the eternal perspective of God’s revelation in Christ. Taking the long view, the history of wisdom turns out to be 'his story'.
In this fast-paced and accessible volume, Sinclair's essential purpose is to encourage us to seek wisdom for love's sake - a wisdom and a love that are as practical as they are visionary - and to marshal the reasons for our hope in Christ.

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