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Publication Date: 18 Apr 2019
Publisher: Apollos
Words: 105000
Page Count: 300
Author: Martin Salter
ISBN-13: 9781783597802, 9781783597819

Mission in Action

A Biblical Description Of Missional Ethics
By Martin Salter
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ISBN: 9781783597802
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Missional ethics is concerned with the way in which the believing community’s behaviour is, in and of itself, a witness to the wisdom and goodness of God. The debate surrounding the relationship between word and deed, or evangelism and social action, remains a significant issue within evangelical missiology.

Martin Salter seeks to address one aspect of that debate – namely, the missional significance of ethics – by conducting detailed exegesis of key biblical texts. He argues that biblical ethics is neither entirely separate from, nor merely preparatory for, mission – rather, it is an integral part of the church’s mission.

Missional ethics is a theme that arises from the biblical texts and is not imposed on them. The church as both organism and institution embody a missional ethic that includes worship, justice, and charity. Word and deed belong together as an integral whole. Salter’s valuable study concludes by offering a definition of missional ethics.
About the Author
Pastor at Grace Community Church, Bedford, and a trustee of the Keswick Convention, at which he is a speaker. His PhD, which forms the basis for this book, is from Highland Theological College.
Press Reviews

Martin Salter's Mission in Action makes an important contribution to the exciting developments in how we as church read the Bible in the light of God's mission. As the discussion around missional readings of the Bible continues to emerge, books such as this are essential for pushing the conversation deeper and in new ways. This thoughtful study will certainly stimulate the mind but, taken to heart, its message will also inspire the local church to action.

- Tim Davy, Research Fellow, Redcliffe College, UK, and Co-director of the Centre for the Study of Bible and Mission

There has been much discussion in recent years about being missional – about missional church, missional identity, missional living. In Mission in Action Martin Salter provides a rich exploration of this theme by examining key biblical texts. The result is not only a robust exegetical foundation for missional ethics, but also a sharper definition of the missional task of God’s people. Plus en route Mission in Action brims with exegetical insights. I warmly commend it to anyone interested in the theological underpinnings of missional church.

- Dr Tim Chester, Crosslands faculty member

‘There is no biblical mission without biblical ethics.’ That is a mantra I have repeated for many years in many countries. I am delighted to welcome Martin Salter’s book, which expands and demonstrates my conviction from a wide swathe of the biblical canon itself. It should go without saying (for individuals and communities who profess Jesus as Lord) that God’s people must live in ways that reflect God’s character and obey God’s commands if they are to participate with any effectiveness in God’s mission. But sometimes what goes without saying needs to be said - emphatically and clearly and with comprehensive biblical support.That is what this book does with persuasive thoroughness.

- Christopher J. H. Wright, Langham Partnership; author of The Mission of God

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