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Publication Date: 20 Jul 2001
Format: Paperback
Publisher: IVP
Page Count: 192
Author: Roy McCloughry
ISBN-13: 9780851115450

Living in the Presence of the Future

By Roy McCloughry
ISBN: 9780851115450
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Should we live for today, and let the future take care of itself? Is everything just chance? Or is the future a land of opportunity, full of possibilities if only we knew how to grasp them? Do we have a future at all?
The rapid pace of change in our society can sometimes leave us reeling. Globalisation, technological advancements, changes in the roles of men and women, changing perceptions of morality and truth, nothing seems to stay the same. Often we try not to think about the future at all.
Roy McCloughry reminds us that how we face the future, as individuals and as a society, will influence how we live today. God is not surprised by the future, by change in the way that we are. But in order to see it with his eyes, we need to recognise that a christian view of future is rooted in an event in history, in the resurrection itself.
This broad-ranging and hopeful book does not seek to predict the future, so much as to understand it in the light of our Christian hope.

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