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Publication Date: 16 Nov 2012
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Apollos
Page Count: 344
Author: Larry Helyer
ISBN-13: 9781844746002

The Life and Witness of Peter

By Larry Helyer
ISBN: 9781844746002
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Who was Peter and what was his true stature in the early church? For Protestants at least, Peter seems caught between two caricatures: the rustic fisherman of Galilee and the author of two lesser New Testament letters. And in both cases he is overshadowed by Paul.
Yet Peter plays a significant role in the Gospels and is an apostolic leader in Acts. And those who study his letters find them filled with theological insight.
In The Life and Witness of Peter, Larry Helyer seeks to reinstate this neglected and underestimated apostle to his rightful stature as an early Christian leader and faithful witness to Christ. Arguing for a more confident assessment of the apostle's presence and contribution to the New Testament, Helyer pulls Peter out from the long shadow of Paul.
What we find is a Peter whose first-hand witness stands behind much of Mark's Gospel, a Peter whose striking portrait in Acts can be trusted as reliable, and a Peter whose letters glow with spiritual and theological intelligence. Along the way we are rewarded with a careful analysis of prominent theological themes in Peter's letters. And we learn much about the traditions, legends and legacy of Peter in the post-apostolic era.

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