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Publication Date: 20 Jul 2017
Publisher: IVP
Words: 43500
Page Count: 208
Author: Derek Tidball
ISBN-13: 9781783595549, 9781783595556

Lead Like Joshua

Lessons For Today
By Derek Tidball
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What makes a wise, effective leader?

For the answer, Derek Tidball turns to Moses’ successor, Joshua. While leading God’s people at a key time in their history, Joshua needed every ounce of wisdom for the challenges he faced.

Through exploring the great man’s story in the book of Joshua, Dr Tidball uncovers 24 leadership lessons that are still highly relevant today.

‘Will prove hugely beneficial to those just starting out as well as those with lots of experience.’ Gavin Calver

‘Cultures and situations change: the principles that underpin godly leadership do not . . . Provides a rich resource for those intent on pursuing twenty-first century leadership with integrity.’ Jill Garrett

‘Chock-full of practical wisdom and powerful application.’ Marcus Honeysett

‘Offers insights that will help in the wonderful privilege and complex demands of leadership.’ James Lawrence

‘In this fast-changing world, the church needs leaders with their heads screwed on and hearts on fire, who draw inspiration from deep wells of prayer and from reflecting on Scripture. In this brilliant book, Derek Tidball has given us a feast . . . I commend this fantastic book to you with enthusiasm.’ Mark Russell
About the Author
Derek Tidball is a much-loved Bible teacher in the UK and beyond. He was Principal of the London School of Theology for 12 years, has served as a pastor in two churches, and has written numerous books. He lives with his wife Dianne, also a pastor, in Leicester, UK.

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