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Publication Date: 16 Apr 1993
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Apollos
Page Count: 208
Author: Gordon McConville
ISBN-13: 9780851114316

Judgement and Promise

Interpretation Of The Book Of Jeremiah
By Gordon McConville
ISBN: 9780851114316
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Two rival views dominate contemporary Jeremiah scholarship. One sees the book as essentially a Deuteronomistic product, the other as stemming largely from the prophet himself. Dr McConville begins by entering into dialogue with both sides of the debate and then sets out his own method of approach. He sees Jeremiah moving from hope that the people would repent to the realization that they would not. The so-called Confessions are both the genuine experience of the prophet and part of his proclamation. The theology of the new covenant permits calls to repentance and promises of 'unconditional' redemption to be held together in creative tension. The relation of the fall of Jerusalem and its aftermath to other parts of Jeremiah is then explored, and a chapter is devoted to the role of the prophet in the second part of the prophecy. Next, the author examines the distinctive function of the oracles against the nations in the theology of Jeremiah. The final chapter argues that while Jeremiah fits within the prophetic tradition that tradition also has important affinities with Deuteronomy. Yet the book of Jeremiah exhibits important difference from the Deuteronomic history (Joshua - Kings). Though he is careful not to claim too much from the available evidence, Dr McConville concludes his study by showing how Jeremiah might have produced the book which bears his name.

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