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Publication Date: 15 Apr 2005
Format: Paperback
Publisher: IVP
Page Count: 352
ISBN-13: 9781844740741

Jubilee Manifesto

A Framework, Agenda And Strategy For Christian Social Reform
ISBN: 9781844740741
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Jubilee Manifesto arises out of over two decades of serious reflection, biblical debate and practical concern about how Christians can effect social change in our world today. For those wanting to examine the biblical basis of social reform there is no better place to begin than with Jubilee Manifesto.
Based on the work of the highly influential Cambridge based Jubilee Centre, this book presents a biblically-based alternative to capitalism, socialism and Marxism and seeks to effect change in public policy accordingly. From the outset Jubilee Manifesto identifies relationships as the most precious resource of any society. Ultimately it is the quality of those relationships, in families and communities, in organizations and between institutions, that holds society together.
Through careful study of the biblical material the contributors explore how a relational society might appear with regard to nationhood, government, family, welfare, finance, economics, criminal justice and international relations.
Followed up with practical examples from their own work at the Jubilee Centre, the contributors offer real insights into the challenges and potential for Christian social reform. For any who want to change the society we live in this is a crucial handbook.

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