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Publication Date: 18 Apr 2008
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Apollos
Page Count: 202
ISBN-13: 9781844742776

A Higher throne

Evangelicals And Public Theology
ISBN: 9781844742776
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Perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about Public Theology.

Do you want to understand public theology and its place in modern society?

These stimulating analyses will enable readers to come to a clearer view of what Public Theology is, and how we may apply it.

What is 'public theology'? Does it mean the arts? Public policy? Party politics? The answer is: probably all of these. In 'A Higher Throne' we are dealing with a rather ill-formed topic, on which there has not been a consistent viewpoint. 'A Higher Throne' is based on the Eleventh Oak Hill Annual School of Theology, and it offers a conversation among those who represent a consistently orthodox evangelicalism, who see public life in relation to the Christian gospel in quite different ways, but who are committed to thinking biblically about the matter and coming to a common mind.

Daniel Strange lectures in Public Theology at Oak Hill College. He gives a summary of the state of the debate, with both historical and contemporary viewpoints.

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