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Publication Date: 15 Aug 2019
Publisher: IVP
Words: 60000
Page Count: 192
Author: Andrew Hartropp
ISBN-13: 9781783597642, 9781783597659

God's Good Economy

Doing Economic Justice In Today's World
By Andrew Hartropp
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ISBN: 9781783597642
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‘The earth is the Lord’s’ (Ps.24:1). God states that He is the rightful owner of the earth and everything in it. God wants people to enjoy material things – but God must be the centre of our lives.

Christ’s radical call to his followers includes the call to let him drive our economic and business life. This means letting God’s justice rule all our economic relationships: treating people rightly; a constant seeking of justice for, especially, the poor and needy; working so that all participate in God’s blessings, including material blessings.

The first half of the book looks at how Christ’s followers are to do justice in our economic relationships: as individuals, as households, in the workplace and as church communities.

Then, moving outward (in concentric circles), the second half shows how Jesus’s disciples can do justice in and through secular institutions, including companies and firms, banks and other financial institutions, then government institutions, and then in the international/global context. The final chapter is on the glorious vision of God’s everlasting kingdom, which will both drive us and also keep our efforts now in proper perspective.
About the Author
Revd Dr Andrew Hartropp is an economist, theologian and church minister. He has two PhDs, in economics and Christian ethics. He lectured in financial economics for 5 years at Brunel University, west London. He also worked for a year with the Jubilee Centre in Cambridge. He has published widely on topics in Christianity and economics, including What is Economic Justice? Biblical and secular perspectives contrasted (Paternoster). He has spent 13 years in Anglican parish ministry. He has served as a tutor with the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies, and as Director of Higher Education, Waverley Abbey College, Surrey. He chairs the Ethics and Social Theology Group of the Tyndale Fellowship. He is an Associate Fellow of the Centre for Enterprise, Markets and Ethics (based in Oxford).

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