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Publication Date: 15 Mar 2002
Format: Paperback
Publisher: IVP
Page Count: 200
Author: Miriam Adeney
ISBN-13: 9780851112602

Daughters of Islam

Building Bridges With Muslim Women
By Miriam Adeney
ISBN: 9780851112602
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Their clothing is often distinctive. Their beliefs and values are strongly held. They love their families. Any they live everywhere on earth. They are women of Muslim background. Some still belong to Islam, but some now belong to Christ.
In 'Daughters of Islam', Miriam Adeney introduces you women such as Ladan, Khadija and Fatma. You'll learn about their lives, questions and hopes, as well as those of other Arab, Iranian, Southeast Asian and African sisters. And you'll gain new understanding of why Muslim women come to Christ.
This book discusses aspects of everyday living such as; sex, marriage and family relations; the place of religion; finances; teaching and learning styles; women's diversity.
Through vibrant real-life case studies you will learn strategies for relating to women like the ones described here. You will see what - and who - became the means of their understanding and responding to Jesus as Saviour and Lord.
Miriam Adeney says, "Surely in the end what counts are the perennial necessities of mission: a human being witnessing, discipling and serving in the appropriate language."
This is why she has written this enlightening book.

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