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Publication Date: 20 Oct 2016
Publisher: IVP
Page Count: 288
Author: Ian Shaw
ISBN-13: 9781783594665, 9781783594672

Christianity: The Biography

Two Thousand Years Of The Global Church
By Ian Shaw
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ISBN: 9781783594665
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Ian Shaw charts the story of Christianity from its birth and infancy among a handful of followers of Jesus Christ, through its years of development into a global religious movement, spanning continents and cultures and transcending educational and social backgrounds.
About the Author
Ian J. Shaw is Associate International Director of the Langham Scholars Programme and Honorary Fellow, School of Divinity, New College, University of Edinburgh. He is the author of Churches, Revolutions And Empires: 1789-1914, High Calvinists in Action: Calvinism and the City, William Gadsby and The Greatest is Charity.
Press Reviews

What an original idea. Ian Shaw has presented the current scholarship in church history in a very engaging way. I hope this book is widely read... An absolutely outstanding volume!

- Ian Randall, Senior Research Fellow, Spurgeon’s College

‘Christians today have largely lost their historical memory, and it is no surprise that as a result many are struggling to agree on the right way ahead for the church. Ian Shaw’s remarkable book, encompassing in one volume the entire chronological and geographical range of Christian history, will prove invaluable in helping Christians to recover their historical memory and hence to find wisdom for the future.’

- Brian Stanley, Professor of World Christianity, University of Edinburgh.

‘Believers need to know the story of their own faith, and Christianity: the Biography is a great place to start. It covers fascinating figures, movements, and trends across two millennia without ever getting bogged down or side-tracked. It is not only clear and accessible, but also inspiring and wise.’

- Timothy Larsen, McManis Professor of Christian Thought, Wheaton College

This is . . . an immense achievement of breadth of scope, clarity of focus, and fair-mindedness. It should have a starred place on every ordination-training reading list.

- Church Times

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