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Publication Date: 21 Sep 2017
Publisher: Apollos
Page Count: 432
Author: Mark D Thompson
ISBN-13: 9781783595099, 9781783595105

Celebrating the Reformation

Its Legacy And Continuing Relevance
By Mark D Thompson
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ISBN: 9781783595105
Too often, the Reformers and their doctrines have been caricatured, misrepresented or misappropriated in the service of agendas they would never have recognized, let alone endorsed. Happily, there has been a great deal of fine scholarship in recent years that has exploded some of these myths, but it has not always been accessible to non-specialists.

The intention of Celebrating the Reformation is that Christians today will find new cause to rejoice in what God did in the sixteenth century through weak and fallible men and women. These people sought, in their own context, to submit themselves to the word of God and lead his people in a godly and faithful response to the gospel of grace.

Three sections deal with the chief Reformers, key doctrines and the Reformation in retrospect. Each contribution seeks to connect its subject to the present, making clear its relevance for today. The Reformation is not a dead movement but a living legacy that can still capture the imagination and encourage men and women in their own Christian discipleship.

The contributors are Andrew Bain, Colin R. Bale, Rhys S. Bezzant, Gerald Bray, Martin Foord, David A. Höhne, Chase Kuhn, Andrew Leslie, Edward Loane, John McClean, Joe Mock, Michael J. Ovey, Tim Patrick, Mark D. Thompson, Stephen Tong, Jane Tooher and Dean Zweck.
About the Author
Editors: Mark D. Thompson is Principal of Moore Theological College, Sydney, Australia. Colin Bale is Vice Principal, Academic Dean and Head of Church History at Moore College. Edward Loane is a lecturer in Doctrine and Church History at Moore College.

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