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Publication Date: 21 Jun 2018
Publisher: IVP
Words: 60000
Page Count: 252
Author: Mark Brickman
ISBN-13: 9781783596607, 9781783596614, 9781783599004


Navigating The Adventure Of Spiritual Growth
By Mark Brickman
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Change carries us into uncharted territory. We can often feel adrift in such borderlands. Scripture, however, offers rich resources for navigating these times. The biblical narrative of the great fifty days from Easter to Pentecost, forms a map for the adventure of spiritual growth.

Tracking the tumultuous and deeply human journey of the disciples through these days, Borderlands is for all who are experiencing periods of transition or who seek to progress in their faith. Poetic and passionate in language, and authentic about the challenges posed by change, this frank book aims to inspire and stir our appetite for passing from one life stage to another.

Combining revealing insights from literature, psychology and other fields, Mark Brickman offers an incisive reading of Scripture that can enrich life in flux. Be equipped for a transformative journey into deeper identification with Christ and the fullness of life that he brings
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  1. Travelling Through Transition In Your Life Travelling Through Transition In Your Life Mark Brickman is Associate Minister at St Aldates, Oxford. He is the author of ‘Borderlands: Navigating The Adventure Of Faith. Here, he discusses navigating periods of change and transition in our lives.
About the Author
Mark Brickman is Associate Minister at St Aldate's in Oxford, a multi-generational church drawing students from the city's two universities. Mark read English at the University of Cambridge before working as a theatre and opera director for two decades. After coming to faith, he also worked as a freelance director and scriptwriter in film. His credits include 'Test of Faith' (, a 90-minute documentary about science and religion. He was ordained in the Church of England in 2012.
Press Reviews

This is a book for those who wonder about their lives, reflecting on meaning and purpose because they know that there is something more. And, wonderfully, it’s a book about Jesus’ life, and how his story releases us into the lives that we were meant to lead, but of which we might have lost sight. Full of hope for wanderers who seek something greater.

- Paul Harcourt, National Leader, New Wine England

I have known Mark for many years and he is a pastoral leader of rare sensitivity; I cannot think of a better guide through the borderlands of life’s changes and transitions. Rich with scripture, theological reference and personal anecdote, this book is a feast for a hungry soul, bound to bring refreshment when you most need it

- Rev Will Van Der Hart, Director The Mind and Soul Foundation & Pastoral Chaplain HTB

This is a remarkable new book from a remarkable new author. It is beautifully written, brilliantly conceived, grounded in Scripture, and connected to culture. Mark Brickman is a learned and gifted guide who helps the church navigate between the borderlands towards spiritual maturity in Christ. Whether you are a spiritual enquirer or a seasoned saint, there is much to thrill and teach you here. Outstanding

- Simon Ponsonby, Pastor of Theology, St Aldates, Oxford

Life is lived in the borderlands—those in-between places that are often difficult to navigate, but yield the greatest fruit for growth in our lives. This book will help you navigate to the next place in your spiritual journey.”

- Mark Batterson, New York Times best selling author of The Circle Maker, Lead Pastor of National Community Church

I naively picked up this book anticipating a ‘light, uplifting reflection’ on Easter, only to find myself taken hold of, pulled apart, and gently pieced back together in ways I did not foresee. The words flow like poetry, wrapping around you and transporting you into the Paschal story as if you were experiencing those events with your own senses. I found myself lingering over sentences, reluctant to move on to the next paragraph, because so much life-giving truth saturated every page. Reading this book was like a deep tissue massage - exquisitely painful! Painful because God was working out some deep knots I hadn’t even known were there. Exquisite because it was done with such a tender touch, leaving a good ache - the ache of knowing that, though it may hurt for a little while, you are going to move more freely because of it. For those stalling out in their faith, this book could be a sparkplug for re-ignition, as you are invited into a way of discipleship that weathers the seasons and orients you to Christ, no matter how the road bends and the landscape changes. Thank you, Mark Brickman, for writing this book

- Jo Vitale Dean of Studies, The Zacharias Institute; Apologist, RZIM

This is a powerful and uplifting book. I was illuminated by insights from literature, psychology and spirituality, challenged afresh by the wisdom and authority of the Scriptures, and very moved by Mark Brickman’s own journey of faith and discipleship. His courageous honesty is a strong thread in a pilgrimage which is both personal and universal. Anyone who sets out on this ‘great adventure of spiritual growth’ will be enriched in the company of such a humble and sympathetic guide, who leads us along a fragrant pathway which weaves through suffering and glory, darkness and light, wilderness and wonder. We are called to self-examination, repentance and new vision but above all we are led into the presence of the risen Christ. On finishing the book, I felt a sense of profound hope, deep joy and, in the company of Easter pilgrims throughout the ages, a new sense of destiny

- Murray Watts, Writer and director, co-founder of Riding Lights Theatre Company, screenwriter of The Miracle Maker and director of the arts charity The Wayfarer Trust

Crossing borders has played a huge part of my life for two decades now. Inevitably, if my experience is anything to go by, it helps if you know where you are going. It also helps to have someone alongside you who can guide you and knows the way. Borderlands is written by someone who most definitely knows “the way”. It is inevitable that if you want to live a cross-shaped life, all of the issues written about here with such honesty and pastoral integrity will at some time or another be your experience also. I deeply appreciate this book because it is full of biblical truth, wisdom words, and inspiration. It is also full of hope and light and Jesus and therefore will help strengthen us in our long journey of adventure and obedience

- Eddie Lyle, President, Open Doors UK & Ireland

Mark Brickman has written a book about dying, dying to oneself, followed by resurrection, rising to a life of spiritual discipline. In Borderlands he creates a narrative that displays the depth and breadth of his understanding of contemporary culture, the journey that brought him to seek personal ‘withdrawal' from it, followed by the encounter with Jesus Christ which gave him the framework for writing the book. In twelve chapters Borderlands explores, defines and espouses theories and practices, richly endowed with Scriptural, literary, artistic, and scholarly references, that encompass two thousand years of Christianity and offer to the followers of Christ today a challenging but encouraging guide to the life of spiritual ascent. Mark Brickman masterfully demonstrates that there is no other path for the church to following Christ.

- Kosta Milkov, Director of RZIM Macedonia, Founder and Director of The Balkan Institute for Faith and Culture

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