Why it is still a good idea to buy a 365-Daily Devotional

Why it is still a good idea to buy a 365-Daily Devotional

Devotionals are a great way to find time with God every day. Given it is a more interactive way of engaging with God in our quiet times, this allows the reader to keep track of their prayer life and moments of biblical inspiration.

With March fast approaching, you might think, is there still value in buying a devotional nearly two months into the year? The short answer: yes, it’s still 100% worth it.

To begin with, you can save these two months and apply them for the following year. In any case, these pages of divine wisdom do not contain any information that expires or becomes irrelevant with age. they are timeless, and a source of encouragement and spiritual awakening fit for any time of year. Each passage from Scripture will provide guidance and a brief moment of reflection. Take Catherine Campbell’s Journey with Me - a perfect example of a devotional for any time of the year.

Simple yet effective, a devotional encourages contemplation of scripture - an important route to hearing God’s message for us today. Devotionals are a way of focusing our attention on God’s Word, through guided reading. They have a practical application upon your daily life, leading you to make real, positive change in your walk with God. Daily reading is a spiritual discipline - one that will allow you to get to know God and understand Him better.

Encouraging, uplifting, healing and honest, this guide brimming with daily devotionals is specifically designed with you in mind, to help you start your day right with the right frame of mind.  If you’re eager to know God’s Word deeper, a 365-daily devotional is the right book for you.

Buy Journey with Me today.

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