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Publication Date: 20 Jul 2017
Series: Keswick Foundations
Publisher: IVP
Words: 45000
Page Count: 176
Author: Tim Chester
ISBN-13: 9781783595792, 9781783595808

Bible Matters

Meeting God In His Word
By Tim Chester
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Of course the Bible matters. It is God’s word to us. But how do we engage with its message?

Tim Chester creates a sense of expectation, causing our reading of the Bible to become a living experience in which we encounter God. Amazingly, this God of the universe speaks to us each day!

Here is a personal, clear, intentional and sufficient message for our lives. The Bible is truly unique; it speaks into a myriad of situations and brings us back to the deep joy of the gospel.

‘Will enrich your encounter with God as you engage with his word.’ Elaine Duncan

‘This is more than useful; it’s inspiring.’ Julian Hardyman

‘Tim Chester is one of the clearest, most useful and reliable Christian writers in the UK today . . . He comes alongside the reader to instruct and to apply his teaching to life in the modern world.’ Peter Lewis

‘Inspirational, profound, realistic . . . If you can buy only one book on the Bible, buy this one.’ Tricia Marnham

‘Buy, read, recommend, lend, give away!’ James Robson
About the Author
Tim Chester is Pastor of Grace Church, Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire, and a faculty member of Crosslands, a partnership between Oak Hill College and Acts 29. His many books include Total Church, You Can Change and Mission Matters. He blogs at

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