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Publication Date: 21 Sep 2017
Publisher: IVP
Page Count: 228
Author: Richard Higginson|Kina Robertshaw
ISBN-13: 9781783595655, 9781783595662

A Voice to Be Heard

Christian Entrepreneurs Living Out Their Faith
By Richard Higginson, Kina Robertshaw
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ISBN: 9781783595655
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Christian entrepreneurs are at the heart of the church’s mission.

They are dynamic, innovative followers of Christ who are making a major contribution to our society through the companies they run, the products they make and the people they influence. A Voice to Be Heard explains and celebrates their work, mostly through their own words.

Theological educator Richard Higginson and former retail entrepreneur Kina Robertshaw have worked together on this ground-breaking study, based on interviews with fifty entrepreneurs. Exploring issues of vision, creativity, relationships, stewardship, integrity, prayer and perseverance, they show how people running their own businesses are exercising crucial roles in building God’s kingdom. With the church’s encouragement, they have the potential to do even more.

‘Practical, biblical, informative . . . this book conveys vividly the voices of Christian entrepreneurs.’ Lord Griffiths of Fforestfach

‘This book is a treasure. From car dealerships to toy stores, A Voice to Be Heard visits particular entrepreneurs at work and reveals their leadership lessons for us all.’ Eve Poole

‘This book has truth with flesh on. It is a delicious mixture of story and biblical reflection . . . a truly inspiring read.’ Dr R. Paul Stevens
About the Author
Richard Higginson is Director of Faith in Business at Ridley Hall, Cambridge. He speaks and writes extensively about business ethics and the theology of work.

Before studying in Cambridge and being ordained as a curate in the diocese of Hereford, Kina Robertshaw ran businesses in Zambia and South Africa.
Press Reviews

Based on a survey of Christian entrepreneurs, this is an encouraging book
for those who feel called by God to entrepreneurship and for those already on the journey.

- Justin Welby

In today’s world there are many voices seeking our attention. More
often than not they strike a discordant note. In this interesting book
we hear the words of Christians who are Entrepreneurs and discover that
there is no inherent contradiction there. We also learn that the Bible
has a strong entrepreneurial theme throughout.

The authors make a good case for their conclusion ‘that entrepreneurs
have the potential to play a major role in the church’s _mission_ ‘.
Turning that potential into reality is essentially an entrepreneurial
challenge and is why the voice of the Christian Entrepreneur is one that
must be heard.

- Bill Bolton

Practical, Biblical, Informative....this book conveys vividly the voices of Christian entrepreneurs and deserves to be read by anyone in business or training for business

- Lord Griffiths of Fforestfach

This book is a treasure. Entrepreneurs are a fascinating group of
people, and here are the collective insights of 50 of them.
Specifically, the book examines the stories of entrepreneurs who are
fuelled by their Christian faith, and explores the role of values in the
setting up and sustaining of their businesses. From car dealerships to
toy stores, the book visits five particular entrepreneurs at work, and
reveals their leadership lessons for us all.

- Eve Poole

I loved this book. It races through the history and theology of the Christian entrepreneurial tradition. It fills a critical gap. So many Christians think that business is grubby and unworthy. This book, packed with real examples and a substantial current survey of entrepreneurs, challenges this false perception. It makes two points convincingly. Business leaders should be proud of serving society through offering valued goods and services for sale, while behaving as model employers; Christian leaders should be proud of the faith-basis that underpins their motivation. In addition, they should be able to articulate this, clearly, modestly and confidently. This book helps them to do so. I hope it will be widely read.

- Christopher Stephens

This book has truth with flesh on. These stories of Christian entrepreneurs recount their struggles, joys and successes (and some failures) but, more importantly, they give us a window into the souls of these men and women. Higginson and Robertshaw have crafted a living document of fifty entrepreneurs who have made a difference in the world, have embodied Christian values in their enterprise, have put in a good word for Jesus when they were able, and have used their profits as stewards—all for the sake of the Kingdom of God. This book is a delicious mixture of story and biblical reflection, placing the challenge of starting and developing a business or enterprise in the context of God’s wonderful empowering purpose for his much loved creatures whom he calls to “fill the earth”. A truly inspiring read.

- Dr. R. Paul Stevens,

Like the entrepreneurs whose inspirational stories this book tells, A Voice to be Heard is a timely gift to the Church. Richard and Kina have produced a well-researched and highly readable book that is biblically grounded, theologically rigorous and refreshingly original. This excellent contribution to the growing literature on Christian entrepreneurs will inform and inspire readers and challenge Church leaders to include entrepreneurs in their thinking and planning around mission. I commend A Voice to be Heard in the highest possible terms.

- Michael Volland,

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