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Publication Date: 15 Nov 2013
Publisher: IVP
Page Count: 160
Author: John Stott
ISBN-13: 9781783590834, 9781844748549

Why I am a Christian

A Clear; Compelling Account Of The Basis Of The Author'S Belief
By John Stott
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ISBN: 9781783590834
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ISBN: 9781844748549
In a dark little chapel many years ago, a solitary schoolboy went in search of God and later gave his life to Christ. It turned out to be the most significant step he was ever to take. If it were not for Christ, he reflects, his would have been on the scrapheap of wasted and discarded lives. Instead, his life was used to lead countless others around the world to that same new life, and into a deeper understanding of the One who gave his life that we might live.
John Stott tells his spiritual story, and gives the reasons for his first life-changing step of faith. It was not so much that he found Christ, as that Christ, the relentless Hound of Heaven, pursued and found him. Not because the Christian faith is attractive, but because it is true. Not because he deserved to be saved, but because Christ took his sins, and ours, on himself. It is because the answer to the paradox at the heart of our humanness, because the key to true freedom and fulfilment, are to be found in Jesus Christ alone. And he who extends the greatest of all invitations to each one of us waits patiently for our response.

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