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Publication Date: 15 Dec 2016
Series: Studies in Christian Doctrine & Scripture
Publisher: Apollos
Page Count: 288
Author: Jonathan Hogland
ISBN-13: 9781783595198, 9781783595204

Called by Triune Grace

Divine Rhetoric And The Effectual Call
By Jonathan Hogland
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ISBN: 9781783595198
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Christians confess that God calls people to salvation. Reformed Christians in particular believe this is an effectual calling, meaning that god brings about salvation apart from human works. But in what sense does God actually 'call' us? Does a doctrine of effectual calling turn people into machines that lack any personal agency?

In his lucid and carefully researched study, Jonathan Hoglund provides a constructive treatment of effectual calling that respects both the Reformed tradition and non-Reformed critiques, while subjecting he doctrine to a fresh reading of Scripture with special attention given to the letters of Paul. Hoglund interprets divine calling to salvation as an act of triune rhetoric, in which Father, Son, and Holy Spirit work in a personal way to communicate new life. By bringing together theological exegesis, rhetorical theory, dogmatic reflection, and historical enquiry, Called by Triune Grace proves to be feast -- not only for the mind, but also also for the spirit.

1. The call to salvation
2. God's call as speech
3. Calling in Paul: a sovereign summons
4. The content of the call
5. Divine light and conversion
6. Illumination and testimony
7. New birth and resurrection
8. Resurrection as culmination of the call
9. Triune rhetoric and converting change
10. God's call and the church
About the Author
Serves with Training Leaders International to strengthen theological education amongst churches in southeast Asia. Previously served as lecturer and academic dean in Ukraine with SEND International. Lives in southeast Asia with his wife and three children. PhD Wheaton College.
Press Reviews

Jonathan Hoglund's account of the effectual call is deeply engaged with Scripture, respectful of various theological traditions, and sensitive to the doctrine's complexities. The treatment of the effectual call's content is particularly insightful. This book calls each of us to hear again the Word of the triune God by the Spirit, that Jesus is our saving Lord.

- Daniel J. Treier, Blanchard Professor of Theology, Wheaton College Graduate School

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