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Publication Date: 15 Jan 2016
Format: Paperback
Publisher: IVP
Page Count: 192
Author: Keith L Johnson
ISBN-13: 9781783593941

Theology as Discipleship

By Keith L Johnson
ISBN: 9781783593941
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For many people, the word 'theology' evokes something dry, academic, irrelevant and disconnected from the everyday concerns of life. We surely would not say that about God, so why is our talk about God any different?
In this engaging and accessible introduction, Keith Johnson takes a fresh look at theology. He presents the discipline of theology as one of the ways we participate in the life of the triune God. Without suggesting it should be removed from the academy, Johnson argues that theology has to be integrally connected to the traditions and practices of the church. If academic theology is to be genuinely theological, then it has to be carried out in obedience to Jesus Christ and in service to the church.
Unlike other introductions, Theology as Discipleship avoids the usual overview of doctrines according to the creed, which traditionally move from the Trinity to eschatology. Instead, Johnson explains the content of theology by describing the Christian life - being in Christ, hearing God's Word, sharing the mind of Christ. Theology not only leads to discipleship, but is itself a way of following after Christ in faith.
About the Author
Keith L. Johnson (PhD, Princeton Theological Seminary) is associate professor of theology at Wheaton College. His research focuses on systematic theology, including the doctrines of the Trinity and Christology and the relationship between Protestant and Roman Catholic theology. He is author of Theology as Discipleship and Karl Barth and the Analogia Entis, and he is the coeditor of Bonhoeffer, Christ and Culture. An ordained Baptist minister, he and his wife, Julie, have one son.

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