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Publication Date: 16 Oct 1991
Series: The Bible Speaks Today New Testament
Publisher: IVP
Page Count: 441
Author: John Stott
ISBN-13: 9780851109626, 9781783590506

The Message of Acts

To The Ends Of The Earth
By John Stott
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ISBN: 9780851109626
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The Book of Acts, John Stott believes, is important not only for its vivid historical record. It is also vital for the inspiration which it brings to us now. Today's church can seek to recapture something of the early confidence, enthusiasm, vision and power of the church of the first century. Despite all its imperfections and troubles, the young church clearly had been overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit, who thrust it out to witness.
The experiences of the early church therefore have much to say about issues that concern Christians today. What can Acts tell us about extraordinary manifestations of the Spirit? How should churches structure themselves - with elders, deacons, pastors or all three? And, of course, how should the church reach out into a lost world, with the glorious message of salvation?
As John Stott concludes: 'The Acts of the Apostles have long ago finished: the acts of the followers of Jesus will continue until the end of the world.'
About the Author
Known worldwide as a Bible teacher, writer, pastor and mission leader, John Stott was the author of many books,
including the best-selling Basic Christianity. He was, until his death in 2011, Rector Emeritus of All Souls Church,
Langham Place, London, and President of the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity.

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