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Publication Date: 20 Sep 2018
Publisher: IVP
Words: 50000
Page Count: 204
ISBN-13: 9781783596164, 9781783596171, 9781783599028


Reclaiming Youth Ministry For The Long Haul - A Biblical Framework
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Youth work . . .
Time for a reboot?

We need youth ministry that

· has the Bible at its heart
· offers firm foundations
· is designed to outlive the youth worker

‘May this book contribute to the revival of biblical youth ministry.’ Ajith Fernando

‘Essential reading for every Christian youth worker.’ Andy du Feu

‘Combines a vast knowledge of the Bible and youth ministry with an easy-to-read and witty style.’ Ruth Jackson

‘An important read and worth reading for the sake of our young people.’ Phil Moon

‘Encouraging, constructive, challenging and provocative . . . A must-read, this book will captivate and stretch you.’ Neil O’Boyle

‘This book is 100% fresh, and it shouldn’t be. Read it and you will see what I mean!’ Mark Oestreicher

‘Argues powerfully why we need to encourage young people to love God and love his word.’ Mark Russell

‘Tim’s passion to ensure that the Bible shapes – rather than just informs – our work is both admirable and infectious.’ Martin Saunders

‘Shows us how youth ministry is . . . about living out the biblical story.’ Graham Stanton

Tim Gough is Director of Llandudno Youth for Christ, Wales, UK, and the editor of the multi-award-winning blog
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About the Author
Tim Gough is Director of Llandudno Youth For Christ, Wales, and has been a full-time youth worker for over a decade. He studied at Oxford University, Oak Hill and Cliff College. He hosts the multi-award-winning blog Tim is passionate about training and speaks on youth work at events across the UK.
Press Reviews

As someone who publishes youth ministry books, and has written many also, I can truthfully write that the vast majority of books about youth work are in one way or another a restatement of ideas or approaches that have been written about previously. What struck me most about this excellent and compelling book was two-fold: it is 100% fresh, and it shouldn't be. Read it and you'll see what I mean!

- Mark Oestreicher, Partner in The Youth Cartel and book author

Rebooted strips Christian youth work back to its roots (maybe it should be called 're-rooted'?) in the tried-and-tested pages of Scripture. Tim stays clear of gimmicks and the 'gospel' of self-help, offering a fresh take on old themes. Essential reading for every Christian worker.

- Andy de Feu, Director of Youth and Community Work and Acting Vice Principal, Moorlands College, UK

This is exactly the kind of book I needed when I was starting out in youth ministry. It places youth work within the context of a biblical narrative and a wide variety of practical outworkings. Tim writes really well; he is encouraging, constructive and provocative in part, and what's more, he combines both theology and years of youth work experience in a well-rounded manner. This is a must-read; it will captivate and stretch you.'

- Neil O'Boyle, National Director, Youth for Christ, UK

Tim's passion to ensure that the Bible shapes - rather than just informs - our work, is both admirable and infectious. In this book he presents a compelling model for youth ministry which doesn't feel tenuously extrapolated from Scripture, but completely faithful to the entire narrative arc of the Bible. It turns out that every part of the Good Book - from Genesis to Revelation - has something vital to say to us about the way we work with young people.

- Martin Saunders, Deputy Chief Executive, Youthscape. Author, Youthwork from Scratch. Previous Editor of Youthwork magazine

I'm so proud to see a book of this calibre coming from a Youth for Christ staff worker. I learned so much! It addresses a key reason why youth ministries are failing to nurture vibrant, mature adults who will devote themselves to serving God in church and society. If we follow this approach to life and ministry, we will nurture people equipped with a worldview that will help them withstand the challenges that come to their Christian life. May this book contribute to the revival of biblical youth ministry that we so need in the church today.

- Ajith Fernando, Teaching Director, Youth for Christ, Sri Lanka and author of Jesus-Driven Ministry (IVP)

So you're a youth leader? Or will be soon? Or you want to support the youth ministry in your church? This book will be a huge help. It's a good read, an easy read, an important read, and it will be worth reading for the sake of your young people. So do read it! And then pray for help in putting it into practice tomorrow evening.

- Phil Moon, Vicar of Bishop Hannington Church and Co-author of Christian Youth Work

Tim's book reminds us that the old story of God's people in the Bible has plenty to say to help direct and shape our discipleship of young people today: calling youth workers to be facilitators of ministry among young people today. Tim shows us how youth ministry is essentially about living out the biblical story with young people.

- Graham Stanton, Ridley College Melbourne, Australia and member of the Executive Committee of the International Association for the Study of Youth Ministry

Tim loves young people, loves Jesus, and works hard to help more young people love Jesus. This excellent new book is the fruit of years of experience, and Tim argues powerfully why we need young people to love God and love his Word.

- Mark Russell, Chief Executive of Church Army, UK

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