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Publication Date: 21 Nov 2008
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Apollos
Page Count: 518
Author: Eckhard Schnabel
ISBN-13: 9781844743490

Paul the Missionary

Realities, Strategies And Methods
By Eckhard Schnabel
ISBN: 9781844743490
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Eckhard Schnabel's two-volume Early Christian Mission is widely recognized as the most complete and authoritative contemporary study of the first-century Christian missionary movement. Now in Paul the Missionary Schnabel draws on his research and provides a manageable study for students of Paul as well as students and practitioners of Christian mission today.
Schnabel first focuses the spotlight on Paul's missionary work - the realities he faced, and the strategies and methods he employed. Applying his grasp of the wide range of ancient sources and of contemporary scholarship, he clarifies our understanding, expands our knowledge and corrects our misconceptions of Paul the missionary.
In a final chapter Schnabel shines the recovered light of Paul's missionary methods and practices on Christian mission today. Much like Roland Allen's classic Missionary Methods: St. Paul's or Ours? of nearly a century ago, Schnabel offers both praise and criticism. For those who take the time to immerse themselves in the world of Paul's missionary endeavour, this final chapter will be both rewarding and searching.

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