Because When It Comes to God, Less Isn’t MORE>

Do you want to read more of your Bible but struggle to find the time?

Distraction getting in the way?

Do you feel it’s inaccessible, intimidating or simply irrelevant?

Then we have something for you.

MORE>Books meet you where you are at, in the midst of your ambition, your busyness and your socialising, helping you to carve our more time for God in your full and fast-paced lives.

About MORE>Direction

In our busy, fast-paced society, we can often feel our lives are running a mile a minute; but some of us don't even know where to. 

MORE>Direction  invites you to slow down and reflect on what the Bible says about our direction in life, how to find it and how to run that way when we do. 

About the authors

Ruth and Ayo Afolabi are Founders of The Afolablis. Ruth is Founder and Editor of Magnify and Co-founder and Creative Director of Inscribe. Ayo works as a consultant and a Youth Pastor at their local church. 

About MORE>Distinct

In today's culture we're told that it is good to be bad, with holiness surrounded by stereotypes or seen as simply unobtainable. How do we pursue holiness without acting 'holier than thou'? How can we be holy if we are all sinners? Should we even try? 

MORE>Distinct  unpicks what it truly means to be holy today. 

About the author

The Revd Dr Calvin T. Samuel is Principal of London School of Theology, has been preacher in the House of Commons, for the BBC Sunday Service, and is present for Prayer for the Day and The Daily Service on BBC Radio 4. 

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