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Publication Date: 18 Oct 2013
Format: Paperback
Series: The Bible Speaks Today Themes
Publisher: IVP
Page Count: 256
Author: Robert Letham
ISBN-13: 9781844749263

The Message of the Person of Christ

The Word Made Flesh
By Robert Letham
ISBN: 9781844749263
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From the earliest pages of the Old Testament, the person of Jesus Christ is the key to the Bible's story of God's unfolding plan to glorify himself in the salvation of the human race from sin, misery and death. At first oblique, the plot gathers pace, and as time passes the picture comes into ever greater focus, until eventually and in vivid clarity, all points to this one person, identified by angels, by John the Baptist, by the apostles and - above all - by his incarnation, life and works, crucifixion, resurrection and ascension: Jesus Christ, the Deliverer and Saviour foretold and promised throughout.
Robert Letham's purpose is to show how the Bible, progressively and in ever greater detail, speaks to us of its central figure, Jesus Christ. With clarity and conviction, he expounds a range of key Old and New Testament texts and investigates the main scriptural themes, in the order in which they appear, as he focuses on the narrative that traces the emergence of God's plan. In doing so, he stands with the Christian church down the ages in affirming that this is the key to understanding what the Bible, in its essential unity, is all about.

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