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Publication Date: 21 Mar 2019
Publisher: IVP
Page Count: 448
Author: Andrew Bartlett
ISBN-13: 9781783599172, 9781783599189, 9781783599875

Men and Women in Christ

Fresh Light From The Biblical Texts
By Andrew Bartlett
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ISBN: 9781783599875
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ISBN: 9781783599172
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The debate between egalitarian and complementarian views on men and women in the church and in marriage continues to cause division among evangelical Christians. Many books on the subject are written from a firmly partisan point of view, whether complementarian or egalitarian. This one is different.

Andrew Bartlett makes use of his experience as a judge and arbitrator in assessing the debate, with impartiality rather than advocacy (like a barrister). In a thorough, detailed but accessible analysis, he engages with exemplars of each view and with all the key biblical texts. He partly agrees and partly disagrees with both sides, and offers fresh insights into interpretation of the texts. He proposes movement beyond the complementarian and egalitarian labels, and seeks progress towards healing of a sharp division.
About the Author
Andrew Bartlett QC of Crown Office Chambers, London, is a highly-rated international arbitrator with a wide range of experience in disputes in various sectors, in numerous locations around the world. Head of Crown Office Chambers 2009-12. Formerly Deputy High Court Judge (England) and Judge of the Upper Tribunal (Financial Services; Information Rights). BA in Theology (University of Gloucestershire). Has served as an elder or churchwarden in various churches.
Press Reviews

Books on this topic are often accompanied by the sound of an author steadily grinding their axe in the background. This work is refreshingly different. Meticulous research, careful argument, objective assessment and judicious evaluation make this a significant scholarly contribution to the discussion on the role of men and women in Christ’s church. It is essential reading for all in leadership.

- Ian Coffey, Vice-Principal and Director of Leadership Training, Moorlands College, Dorset, UK

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