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Publication Date: 19 Jun 2009
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Apollos
Author: H G M Williamson
ISBN-13: 9781844743827

Interpreting Isaiah

By H G M Williamson
ISBN: 9781844743827
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Ever since the first century, Christians have regarded the book of Isaiah as a high point of the Old Testament prophetic literature. Its key themes, such as the suffering servant, deliverance from exile, and new creation, have been viewed as reaching particular fulfilment in the gospel. Isaiah has been formative to the identity of the people of God. It is a text to be weighed, on which to meditate and pray, and through which to explore the ways in which God works.
Isaiah has also received more than its fair share of scholarly examination. While many excellent resources are now available, these tend to be either introductory or highly specialized; there are fewer that bridge the gap between the two. This volume contributes to that need: it assumes some foundational knowledge and guides readers through current issues and approaches. Here is evangelical scholarship that will inform, stimulate and reward diligent teachers and preachers of the Old Testament.
Contributors: John Goldingay, Philip Johnston, Nathan MacDonald, David Reimer, Richard Schultz, S. D. Snyman, Jacob Stromberg, Dwight Swanson, Torsten Uhlig, Rikk Watts, Paul Wegner, H. G. M. Williamson and Lindsay Wilson.

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