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Publication Date: 18 Mar 2011
Publisher: IVP
Page Count: 304
Author: Stuart Coulton
ISBN-13: 9781844745111, 9781844747252

Hitting the Holy Road

A Guided Tour Of Christian History From The Early Church To The Reformation
By Stuart Coulton
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ISBN: 9781844745111
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ISBN: 9781844747252
In the face of climate change and other environmental trends, it is easy to be pessimistic about the future. Philosophers, film-makers, environmentalists, politicians and even senior scientists increasingly resort to apocalyptic rhetoric to warn us that a so-called ‘perfect storm’ of factors are coming together in a way that threatens the future of life on earth.

Do these dire predictions amount to nothing more than ideological scaremongering, perhaps hyped-up for political or personal ends? Or are there good reasons for thinking that we may indeed be facing a crisis unprecedented in its scale and in the severity of its effects?

Jonathan Moo and Robert White encourage us to assess the evidence for ourselves. Their own conclusion is that there is in fact plenty of cause for concern. Climate change, they suggest, is potentially the most far-reaching threat that our planet faces in the coming decades, but only the most publicized. There is a wide range of much more obvious, interrelated and damaging impacts that an ever-growing number of people, consuming more and more, are having on the planet upon which we all depend.

Yet if the Christian gospel fundamentally reorientates us in our relationship with God and his world, then there ought to be something radically distinctive about our attitude and approach to such threats. Moo and White therefore reflect on just what difference the Bible’s vision of the future of all of creation makes to how we live now and respond to the challenges facing life on earth.
About the Author
Stuart worked as a lawyer prior to ordination as a minister of the Presbyterian Church of Australia. After more than 15 years in pastoral ministry he joined SMBC full time in 2002. Stuart was appointed as Principal of the College in 2012. Stuart lectures in Church History, Spiritual Formation for Professional Ministries and Introduction to Degree Theology. Stuart is the author of Hitting the Holy Road (IVP,2011). He and his wife Pauline have three adult children & one grandson.

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