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Publication Date: 16 Nov 2017
Series: Food for the Journey Keswick Devotionals
Publisher: IVP
Words: 15700
Page Count: 112
Author: Liam Goligher
ISBN-13: 9781783596034, 9781783596041


By Liam Goligher
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Ezekiel ben Buzi would never forget his 30th birthday.

He had been trained as a priest and brought up to believe that at this age his life's work would begin. For years he had anticipated this moment when he would be ordained and eligible to serve in the temple.

But instead of being in Jerusalem, he was a captive in Babylon.

Instead of being a priest, he was called by God to be a prophet. Instead of serving in the temple, he was surrounded by a plethora of pagan gods.

But on his 30th birthday, he received a vision from God... This timely vision confronted the Jews with their sinfulness and the necessity of divine judgement. It also reminded them of God's sovereignty and the promise of future restoration.

Our lives, like Ezekiel's, may have turned out differently from how we had expected they would. Can we keep on serving God in turbulent times, trusting God's sovereignty and striving for holiness with the Holy Spirit's help and power?
About the Author
Liam Goligher has served as a pastor in Ireland, Canada, London and in his native Scotland. Since 2011, he has been Senior Minister at Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, USA.
Press Reviews

'An absolute joy to read' - Youthwork 2017 review of an earlier volume in the series
Series recommended as a 'must-read'

- Youthwork

In these simple but profound devotional thoughts on the message of Ezekiel, Liam Goligher inspires, challenges and comforts us in equal measure. He reminds us that God is closer than we think and that hope is deeper than we could imagine.

- The Revd Malcolm Duncan, Lead Pastor, Goldhill Baptist Church

Liam Goligher provides us with refreshing and challenging insights on the prophet Ezekiel’s words and relevance for us in the UK in the twenty-first century.

- Steve Clifford, Director, Evangelical Alliance UK

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